Weather pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals are widely and commonly used when making wiring connections in many areas for its resist water and oxygen features, varying from automotive and marine to agriculture and other electrical connections.
But what’s the difference between Weather pack terminals and Metri-Pack terminals and how to correctly connect weather Pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals, here we clarify them in the following:

Difference between Weather Pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals

The regular terminals have one fatal flaw: they don’t protect the terminals from oxidation. So in the 1970’s, Packard Electrical Division created the Weather Pack-a connector system that, as its name implies, resists water and oxygen. Both Weather Pack and Metri-pack terminals have this premium feature. The main difference between Weather pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals is the SIZE and Shape of the pins.

Weather Pack Terminals

Weather Pack terminals are tin-plated and utilize flex-pin and lap-lock designs to provide the highest reliability.
The male terminals and female terminals are available in 20-18 gauge, 16-14 gauge, and 12 gauge sizes. Their dual-locking tangs securely hold the terminal inside the connector cavity. The silicone Weather Pack seals and plugs help protect the electrical connectors against dust, moisture, engine fluids, and chemicals. The cavity seals and plugs are offered in varying sizes and colors.

Weather Pack Housing

The housing of the Weather Pack Terminals have an audible snap-action lock and secondary terminal lock to help reduce terminal stress and provide proper terminal positioning while allowing easy access for service. Male and female housings are offered and depending on your specific application, 1-way, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way selections are available.

e.g  3-way housing


Metri Pack Terminals

Metri-Pack is the second-generation terminals of Weather Pack Terminals. Packard/Delphi completely revised the terminal shape to flat blades and rectangular slots and standardized it to a metric format, hence the Metri part in the name.

Metri Pack Housing 

The female housing and male housing components for the Metri Pack electrical connectors are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-way options.

e.g  2-way housing


How to correctly connect weather Pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals

As a professional manufacturer of cable pliers, IWISS provide 2 choices work on Weather Pack terminals and Metri-pack terminals.

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